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Selling Current Stuff Right After New Versions Have Been Announced

This was kind of an interesting technique I was reading where recently there was new type of game system coming out which is supposed to have better hardware. It won’t be coming out for a while by the sounds it. What got my attention was how right when this was announced there were people who mentioned that they started to sell their current systems where they got a fairly good price for it. By the looks of it they probably got like 70% of the value of what they originally paid for it which isn’t too bad.

This way of saving money requires you to be really be into whatever the industry it is though as you obviously need to stay up to date on the latest news and happenings. Usually stores don’t try to get rid of older models until the new model is very close to release or even after. So as a regular consumer it’s a little too late to try and maximize the resale value then. The drawback too is that you would obviously have no item during the downtime. So this would be hard to do for something that you use on a regular basis like a phone.

It can work great for things like a microphone though as I can imagine people constantly comparing the current retail price of the product as leverage to sell it for a higher price. Again, that is assuming you can part ways with one for a while. Unless you have a cheap back up specifically designed for this resale strategy.

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