The Responsibility of Having The Money For Very Expensive Purchases
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The Responsibility of Having The Money For Very Expensive Purchases

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Over the past few weeks I have been reading articles about a newly release camera drone called the DJI Phantom 4. It interested me as I have been looking to purchase a camera drone for fun. The idea of being able to see and take videos of landmarks that would otherwise require me to like pay money for a helicopter ride as an example seems like a good alternative. The one thing about this kind of purchase though is the cost. As you can see in like this example the item retails for $1,889.00. That is not exactly pocket change here. I actually have enough to buy it if I really wanted to. But is the price justified considering this would be for fun and hobby?

For myself I often save a lot by not spending money on things I don’t need while doing a diligent job in not having a habit of like say dining out. So big purchases like these for me is not like a one way trip to debt or anything. But it was funny I thought how my mind immediately shifted to how other people spend their money. Example, people plunking down $3000 for a new TV or $2000 for some suit. So if others spend money like that should I be able to as well?

Of course that mindset was short lived but it made me think how that is so dangerous to always compare yourself to others as opposed to just focusing on your own situation and needs. It makes you thin at times too that saving a lot of money can in many ways come with a lot of responsibility as well to not just spend it like crazy. I know most people would lock away their funds in some kind of investment just to prevent such a thing from happening. I find personally that you are taking away training of sorts that way to be able to teach yourself to manage your money on your own.

For myself in this case, since the purchase is extremely large in funds I would only do it if I actually had like a plan to frequently put it to use. No way would I want to buy stuff like this where you end up leaving it in the closet after a week as an example. I almost wonder for stuff like this if you could do a simple side business as an example where you say offer people aerial footage for a fee. If stuff like that aligned with my lifestyle in purchasing stuff this large then that would make it feel more like an investment as opposed to just a purchase of some sort.

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