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Redesigning Any Platform And Tool To Suit Your Needs

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I thought this was kind of an interesting thing as there was a person using a certain platform solution as a way to help manage their group activities. Overall it didn’t seem too complex as it was simply a bunch of user profiles where people could confirm whether or not they would attend. Now the thing is they were limited as to how many people could register to use this without having to pay more. So as a result they simply stopped its growth. I was then thinking how there are so many solutions that so the exact same thing. Even popular social media sites allow you to do that.

To me, the only real difference was that this platform advertises and brands itself as a place to manage your group activities. Almost like how some people just label their HDMI cable for the TV where people then think it can’t be used for other devices that use HDMI as well. This can be true for a lot of other things too such as basic tools.

Actually, you can even think of it like this blog. The software that I use to run this was originally advertised as like a blogger solution. However, nowadays there are millions of people who use it for like corporate websites too as the functionalities and all can give them virtually the same results as other costly solutions. Sometimes you just have to think about the core features you are using in these kinds of scenarios and you would be surprised at how many tasks you can fulfill just by modifying it a little.

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