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The Power of Story Telling Through Specific Sources

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At first I thought this video I saw here was completely serious as it was published on a public news organization account called the CBC where you would normally expect it to be “news” per se. As you can see the title of the video was marked as “Canadian Makes Thousands of Dollars Smuggling Water into the U.S.” So it got my attention as it dealt with money issues. You can watch the video here:

After watching and digesting the whole clip to me this was clearly fake done for entertainment purposes. But what it made me think of is how easy it can be to believe these kinds of stories to be true based on how and where it is told. I can already imagine people using this video as motivation to now start their own “water smuggling” business or someone taking it out of context for political reasons. Actually, it did kind of happen from what I saw funny enough due to the nature of video sharing and all. I did look it up after since this was marked as a “This and That” video where apparently they do comedic stories like these all the time.

But from a business point of view it kind of shows how “convincing” your message can be if it is published in the right place huh? Puts a perspective on why people spend so much money in these types of ways.

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