Paying Bills When The Exchange Range Is Good
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Paying Bills When The Exchange Range Is Good

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It seemed like in recent days the Canadian dollar has actually been going up. I do have a few bills that charge in US currencies and as a result this makes my expenses a lot cheaper. The thing is I usually just pay the bills on a date after the monthly billing ends for the credit card. However, because of the rise in the dollar I am finding myself waiting and guessing what the highest exchange rate the dollar will go before paying the bill.

It might only be like a ten to twenty dollars savings as an example but it’s still money where this is all about timing. Although some would say if I am this invested in trying to get the best exchange rate that I may as well do something like Forex trading. I would probably only do that if the dollar got ridiculous like a one to one ratio as having to invest like that probably takes a lot of patience to learn the trade I guess you can say.

For now just doing stuff like this to help reduce the bills is good enough.

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