Offering Online Based Virtual Services For Free If You Are Testing

Offering Online Based Virtual Services For Free If You Are Testing

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With a lot of people quickly trying to migrate their business online due to all the COVID-19 restrictions it seems like there are a ton of people that are actually afraid to try some kind of online solution to keep their business alive. It surprises me for businesses such as a school or consulting based firm is scared to use online video as a means to try and conduct business as usual with clients. From what I gather the main concern is that they don’t have a professional setup as right now many people look like they are simply using webcams that look amateurish. At the same time, they are afraid they will make errors and look like a fool.

Funny enough, this all sounds like what an artist has to learn to deal with early on when it comes to doing any kind of public show. But there is one similarity that I see. Businesses that actually take the plunge are first offering their virtual solutions for free initially. This way, there are no real expectation from the customer since it’s free and it gives the business an opportunity to test out the waters to see if it works while improving.

That is a productive way to go I feel as oppose to simply not starting at all where the fear of needing to be perfect just results in one never actually start. Just getting started is probably one of the most important factor whenever you are venturing into something new in this fashion. Don’t be afraid to fail and then learn from those mistakes.

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