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Offering Money When People Say No

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Today weather wise it started to rain all of a sudden even though it seemed pretty sunny. As a result there were a ton of unprepared people who stayed in buildings hoping that it would go away. There was one incident that caught my attention as one guy really wanted to get into his car but didn’t want to get soaked. So a guy passed by him who had an umbrella and he pleaded him to walk him to his car.

At first the guy said no and so he was persistent in saying it was close. Afterwards he just said “C’mon, I’ll even give you a dollar to walk me there” and funny enough that was enough to get him to go. I was actually kind of surprised he even offered money and that the guy took it. Wouldn’t you feel weird saying no and then yes for only one dollar? Kind of makes you look bad I would say too. But again it’s money huh?

Although it kind of shows you that everyone has a price per se huh? I was thinking how you could probably buy something to cover yourself for one dollar too. The things a small amount of money can make people do.

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