Not Fully Investing In Your Existing Talent

Not Fully Investing In Your Existing Talent

Imagine a company having an existing pool of talent that is doing very well for them as the natural assumption would be to then take care of them as they are a valuable investment. That’s why this example was kind of interesting as there was a company who instead of using its profits to make their existing staff happier and better they decided to try and find more people with similar traits in hopes to repeat its success. The problem is though they didn’t need more people and now they created a situation such as existing staff getting less hours.

I’m just trying to imagine what kind of data and rationale the executive was using to think bringing in more people would be a good thing. If anything, giving the existing workers a raise or bonus probably would have been wiser. Actually, the only reason I can think of is many times companies are afraid that existing workers may quit anytime so they need to train as many people as possible just in case that happens. Bad idea in my opinion.

I think that is a general risk every company takes where people can quit. However, not investing in your existing workers just furthers the mindset that they should leave whenever something better comes up as an example. If anything, the challenge is to find ways on how to keep people such as convincing them they have growth option or that financially they can do well by sticking around.

I think the only time that really makes sense to just hire a bunch of people is if the business actually needs more people such as seasonal workers.

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