News Report On 1-888-JUNK-VAN

News Report On 1-888-JUNK-VAN

I was surprised to read on my twitter feed recently that there was apparently an undercover investigation done on a local Vancouver junk removal company called 1-888-junk-van. Why did this company name ring a bell? It happened to be the exact junk removal company I blogged about awhile back where my experience with them wasn’t exactly ideal.

The investigation was done by a local consumer reporter named Lynda Steele and you can read an article overview of the report at

Based on the report and some other research it seems like the company is owned by a Mohammad Sharif Begg. After watching the report on TV the main thing I was thinking was how I should have documented my experience better as it sounds like there are a ton of people who had similar negative experiences. Without the tangible proof of course it becomes a he said she said case. It can’t be a coincident on how so many points in this investigation was similar to my experience.

While I haven’t had much experience with junk and waste removal companies, there are sure a lot of sketchy operations I noticed. Example, one’s that have questionable billing practices like in this report or one’s that internally have questionable human resource practices. I am wondering if the reason for it is because the business itself seems fairly straight forward to setup.

I am really curious what is going to happen next to this company. For example, one possibility is that they can simply re-brand if they feel the current attention is too much where they can continue what they do. Sometimes having a ton of negative reviews isn’t good enough to change things for the better. Only time will tell. I do love it when everyone comes together and shares stories though to fill in pieces of a puzzle like for some of my other posts where the Internet essentially did the exposing together. 🙂


  • Samuela Kailawadoko 10/17/2015

    Shariff Begg is hiding in the Republic of the Fiji Islands – he now lives in Nadi ; he has to be extradited to Canada to answer for his criminal charges – we do not want him here – please , get Interpol to contact our immigrations department remove this guy.

  • Alan Yu 10/18/2015

    Do you have any tangible proof of that Samuela that he is no longer in Canada? Also, based on the news report and all he has never officially been charged with anything criminal. To my knowledge, it requires specific type of proof and evidence for such a thing to go forward which is currently non-existent.

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