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Making A Lot of Money While Staying Low Profile

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It is often said that when you make and have a lot of money one common theme in losing it all fast is how it usually attracts people afterwards who in one way or another wants a piece of your wealth. Usually I would say people want to gloat about their fortunes and all as it is something to celebrate about. That’s why it was an interesting conversation I had lately that revolved around high paying professions where people specifically planned out their career to be as low profile as possible.

This isn’t exactly a conventional thing you would think of to maintain financial stability in your life huh? As an over the top example a high profile individual probably spends a ton of money just to maintain some privacy. For more everyday people I would imagine the money drainer would come more in the form of social and peer pressure to constantly spend money on expensive things or picking up the bill for people just because they feel you can afford.

Of course there is the flip-side to this from a business point of view where there people who specifically advertise their wealth in an effort to use it as credibility to sell more stuff. I tend to see those kinds of people get into debt and such faster where many times they aren’t really that wealthy at all but because of the image they have to keep spending to maintain the illusion in hopes they would make it big.

It also makes me think of stories where lottery winners want to remain private. But of course the stipulation is people need to reveal themselves. I guess it’s one thing to make a lot of money and another to find ways to live a “regular” life where the intent is to just not have to worry about money.

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