If You Had To Leave All Your Valuables Behind
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If You Had To Leave All Your Valuables Behind

Fort McMurray Fire

There was a lot of news today about Fort McMurray and the large fires that have caused a forced evacuation. Just looking at like the images is kind of scary as it is as I can only imagine what it would be like for the people there. There didn’t seem to be any injuries or anything which is good. I was reading online on how some people were distraught on the fact that all their valuables would be left behind and would possibly be burnt to the ground.

You can’t really prepare for things like this huh? If it’s not a random wildfire it could be just a sudden earthquake that would pretty much demolish every tangible thing you owned in your home. Financially it kind of makes you think if you should be placing your extreme valuables in a place where it would survive disasters like these. At the same time, if you should reconsider having too many expensive things in your home period.

Or even for things like precious family photos and all if you still have actual tangible photos then maybe it’s better to get them say all digitized as you just never know when stuff like this may happen. For things like that no amount of money could ever recover as an example.

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