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Is Working On A Holiday Considered Really Bad

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Tomorrow is new years and that means big celebrations overall for most where even on new years eve a lot of people want to party. For many others though it’s just another work day as there is money to be made. This is truer for entrepreneurs such as people who run like a restaurant. To my knowledge, for people like that holidays are one of the busiest and most profitable days for them where not opening up shop could cost them thousands of dollars. While there are many others too, I was reading a few messages on people who expressed that it is really depressing and horrible to be working on a holiday. I was thinking, is it really that bad?

Like for a job or business I would assume the whole point of doing it for many is to earn an income. No one seems to complain about that as in many of the messages I read people were getting paid double than what they normally would since there are fewer people who would want to work on the holiday. With the money you earn there I would imagine it can help you free time in other ways. Of course, the biggest thing would be missing out on social functions that only happen like once in a year.

I am not “working” today in the evening personally, but I actually have to do something to do a little past midnight for a project I will be doing this year. It does require “work” where at the same time it’s just one of those things I feel you have to do if you have a goal you want to accomplish. That then makes me think if working on a holiday is torturous more because what you are doing isn’t truly what you are passionate about. Something to think about if you are in that mindset as there is a new year coming up.

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