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The Idea of Doing Jobs That Are Unsafe For the Sake of Building A Reputation

I was reading an interesting article today that talked about how an actor on a show called Riverdale got into a car accident because apparently he fell asleep on the wheel. It was reported that this was due to the long hours of being on set which then generated a lot of controversy. Essentially some people argued that is what the person signed up for and others say people should refuse to do things that are unhealthy such as working extremely long hours. With that point people say they can’t refuse it otherwise they will be backlisted from future work.

That actually reminded me of a conversation a person told me before about working in a video game company. Essentially hour wise on paper all you really have to do is work 8 hours a day. Sounds reasonable right? However, he then joked but was semi-serious on how when that is said to you it’s like there is a knife placed behind you before you make a decision.

It’s an interesting thing to think about business wise as many times we all feel the need to go beyond in these ways as a way to stay in the market per se. Would you ever say not do something unhealthy such as working 16 hours a day even though you are 90% sure a business will call someone else who will do it in the future? It’s one of those things that is more difficult to say when you are actually in that situation huh?

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