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Honor System With Free Stuff

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Well this video seems to be going viral today. It looked like camera footage of a house where the owners weren’t home to attend to all the trick or treating kids. Therefore, they just left a bunch of candy outside for people to help themselves. Apparently there was a sign too urging people to be considerate of others.

As you can see in the video, one parent decided to over indulge and take literally all the candy that was left. While I don’t know if this video was fixed, it made me think if there is anytime where an honor system would work with items that have say a retail value of at least $1. They looked like regular sized bars too as opposed to bite sized ones.

I have always seen people usually take like bags full of stuff. Funny enough, a lot of times it isn’t the average person that does this but rather people that run businesses. Essentially, they can grab the stuff for free to then resell it for a profit. Makes you think where if you are giving away free stuff as a business for promotional purposes then it actually might be a good idea to pay the expense in hiring a person to hand it out. Cause like in this example, there usually is going to be that one person who will take everything.

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