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Having A Different Perspective of Public Services


Today I was talking to a person who expressed that he took the bus a lot and how it worked out for him very well. That wasn’t the interesting of course. He was expressing how in his mind taking the bus is like having your own personal limousine that you would have to share with a lot of people. Therefore, it just make sense in many ways financially.

The funny thing is I kind of view it the same in some ways. Many people see cheaper transportation options like these as like a poor person’s option to getting around. While I just see it is a sensible option to save money when you can it is kind of interesting how your perspective can change everything in terms of how something is valued.

It’s kind of a good lesson too as many times we allow media opinions to dictate how certain things apparently makes us look bad. In reality I view many of these scenarios as simply marketing to get you to spend more money than you really have too. It’s nice to have the options and luxury of certain things of course. As long as you recognize yourself there is nothing degrading per se about using the less lavish options it can go a long way in helping you to save more money.

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