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Giving Money Instead of Candy For Halloween

Today is Halloween and of course that means trick or treating time for a lot of kids. One thing that caught my attention today while browsing online was this image where a parent was pleading to other parents not to only hand out candy that has nuts in it. Basically, her child has nut allergies where he can’t enjoy the treats which results in disappointment.

This kind of made me think of the alternative items I have gotten when I went trick or treating as a kid. The most common alternative I found that people gave instead of candy were things like McDonald coupons where you can get a free cone and some people even gave money like a quarter. Which makes me wonder, do you think giving money in Halloween is a bit odd or perfectly fine?

For a child like this at least that means he can get something for sure despite his allergies, but in many ways I would think the spirit of the occasion wouldn’t be the same huh? I would imagine too that handing out money is actually more expensive for you as the generous person since when kids or anyone else receives money it probably takes a higher amount for people to appreciate it. Example, if I gave you a quarter you probably wouldn’t be as excited about it versus a tiny pack M&M’s that cost like 10 cents.

I don’t think making something fresh for the kids like that carrot stick would be a good idea either. I know for me at least, for safety reasons I was always taught to throw everything away that isn’t retail sealed. So in that sense everyone would just be wasting money. I would probably go with things like the McDonald coupons personally as it seems to be a safer yet financially sensible as the giver. At the same time, helps to stay with the spirit of the event. Waiting for the day people start handing out gift cards for Halloween now.

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