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Getting Paid For Research Studies

Today I volunteered to do a research study which mostly just involved reading and watching a bunch of stuff. I originally volunteered for it as the subject sounded interesting and I thought I would be helping a good cause. As it turned out, they were compensating people for their time. The funny thing was for the amount of time I spent the hourly rate was almost like a high ranking executive pay.

I didn’t do it for the money of course. But it sure makes you wonder if you could easily make a nice side income by participating in things like these. There are often studies that involve fun things such as getting to test out some kind of food or drink. There can even be things as simple as watching commercial ideas that ad agencies are trying to pitch to see what the general public’s reactions would be.

Your thoughts and opinions about different subject matters is definitely an asset that most people overlook as a potential way to generate an income.

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