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Getting Money Back For Your Personal Purchases As A Gift Idea

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When we were kids I am sure most of us always expected to receive presents during times such as birthdays and Christmas. Time for the adults to spend money and the hunt o find the perfect gift. Most people in my family circle though have kind of adopted the mentality where the adults shouldn’t feel the need to get each other stuff that costs money but instead just get stuff for the kids. We still buy each other gifts, but it’s not like an expectation of getting that hundred dollar toy as an example that we asked Santa for.

Just recently a person was saying how they wanted to get me something and I mentioned that’s okay as they don’t need to get anything. Because they couldn’t think of anything they instead asked me how much the price of an item was that I bought recently and they will simply pay me that amount as my gift. Of course, I just insisted that it was really okay.

That made me wonder, does anyone out there actually do that as a way of giving gifts for the holiday? I guess it eliminates the obstacle of potentially getting the person something they may not have even wanted. It’s a little strange though I must admit personally.

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