Feeding Yourself With Valued Variety or Expensive Quality
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Feeding Yourself With Valued Variety or Expensive Quality

Food is probably one of the biggest expense for a lot of people and shopping for quality stuff can be costly. Therefore many times people have to decide between getting average items or those ones that are high quality and seem perfect. It got me thinking as even for food having variety is probably a good thing overall as oppose to eating just one thing. But many times money wise people would actually just buy that one thing.

I guess an example is would you rather have an apple, orange and a carrot that may not seem “perfect” or one perfect looking apple for the same price? To me in most cases getting the variety option is way better. It’s almost like going to a restaurant too where you can order this one fancy drink for $20 or a whole meal for the same price. If you are getting things for the experience then that is a little different of course. But for your everyday essentials having variety gives you a lot more benefits in multiple ways.

Unless the product was absolute garbage I think it is mostly just the marketing when we think this one “perfect” item is so much better for us when many times that probably isn’t true. Like the above I would imagine having an “okay” carrot, orange and apple is way healthier than this one “perfect” apple regardless of how much one hypes it up.

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