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Expecting Durability or Design Aesthetic For Your Money

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The other day I noticed that the umbrella that I paid a fair amount of money for had a piece of the base break off. As a result you can’t close down the umbrella fully anymore. The silly thing was I would usually buy cheaper ones because I expect them to break apart after awhile. For this one though I was expecting it to be more durable. I definitely won’t be purchasing that one again.

I then started to look at more options and it was crazy how expensive some of there. The main reason for the high price too it seemed was that the item was apparently made by famous designers of sorts. That made me think, when you buy stuff like this do you spend your money more for the durability of an item or is it more of like a fashion statement?

I know for myself I usually try to correlate the amount of money I am spending on an item to be synonymous with real world quality and performance. Imagine if this umbrella was like a one hundred dollar one that just breaks like that or how it is so expensive that you don’t even want to use it. It sounds silly but I have no doubt that it’s one of those things where it can be kind of backwards as to why we spend so much money on things at times.

I usually only save that kind of spending habit if it is specifically like a collectible. But for everyday use it’s about the durability. I wonder if I should get the company to replace this too.

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