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Everyone Having The Same idea On What To Buy

Something funny happened today as I noticed in the supermarket there was a deal for some drinks that was pretty good. Normally one litre of these would be about $1.50. Today though it was on sale for 99 cents and plus I had some coupons that would bring it down to about 75 cents each. So when I got to the tore there was at least twelve of them left. I then figured that I would do my regular price scouting and come back later so that I didn’t have to drag it around. Unfortunately, by the time I got back it was all literally gone.

I guess one thing about finding good deals is that you have to remember there are probably a ton of other people that are just like that too where they recognize what deals are the best to start stocking up on. I underestimated that factor this time where I should have just bought the items first. I usually find you only have to be this quick to buy stuff when it comes to non-essentials like say an electronic product. Everyday goods and groceries don’t usually attract as many savvy shoppers in comparison.

Like saying on a boxing day or Black Friday most people are focused on things like clothes too and not the vegetable sections. Good thing though is that this is a week long sale. But dang can you lose the sale items so quick.

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