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Evaluating Ways That Your Money Can Give You More Time

Today I was working on a project where I didn’t think too much about it. All I knew was that I wanted to create something and so I went at it. Next thing I knew, it was night time already and the day is pretty much done for the most part. It’s not that the day was wasted or anything as I accomplished exactly what I wanted and was motivated in doing the work. The fact that time just flew by made me wonder if there was anything I could have done differently to help speed up the process even if it means having to invest in new equipment or resources.

For me anyways I think these are the good moments to think about investments with your money as you are thinking more in how to make something that is already good better. This is as opposed to hoping that if you throw money at a problem that it will magically go away. For my scenario I was thinking if I got a faster computer then that could make things faster. Would it be fast enough to the point where instead of me finishing at night time it would have been say the later afternoon instead? Probably not in my case.

I was then thinking of the time leveraging route where I could have technically say paid someone else to do it. But for what it was the amount I would have spent to get someone else to do it wouldn’t have made sense in comparison to what I would normally generate myself income wise. It still makes me think of course on all the options that are potentially available. Many times I feel that mastering your finances has a lot to do with simply mastering your time.

Even if you don’t necessarily come up with anything it’s a good thing to occasionally think about I feel. Otherwise you will continue to just do things the way you are used to which means you would most likely get the same outcome.

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