Doing Business Favors That Are Very Easy For You

Doing Business Favors That Are Very Easy For You

For a lot of professions there are often tasks that can seem so trivial for yourself but is extremely complicate for others. For tech examples I think setting up a website is so easy and at times am surprised that people charge like sixty dollars an hour for items that seem so simple to me. It got me thinking as not too long ago I needed some help which I knew would be simple for those who do it on a daily basis. I was willing to pay for it too. I eventually found some people I knew to do it for a fee. I was thinking if it was me I would have done it for free as in this case it seemed really easy but I ended up paying.

Fast forward to today where they are working on something where they could really use my assistance. The thing is for what they would need from me the value of the workload is much greater than what they did for me. I was thinking though that if they actually did the task for me as a favor before I would have been more than happy to do this for free too as even though the market value is more it is so darn easy for me.

So it should make you think where maybe sometimes it’s actually good to do favors for people as you never know when you will need their skills and expertise. Granted you do have to draw the line somewhere as you will essentially be bankrupt if you constantly do things for free. But sometimes it might just be a better investment if the task at hand us really simple for you and you have a good relationship with the other party.

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