Do You Always Expect Heavy Business Discounts From Friends And Family

Do You Always Expect Heavy Business Discounts From Friends And Family

This was kind of an interesting situation as recently I had a family member upgrade their Windows 8 machine into Windows 10 as part of that upgrade for free initiative from Microsoft. As he put it, he just kept clicking the next button as the computer went into upgrade mode. Now for whatever reason he can’t login now as it asks for a password. He has never had like a Microsoft Live account either. Therefore, he asked me for help.

This thing was kind of a pain to figure out as it seems like all of the normal password reset options didn’t work for his situation. Therefore, it was like the only real way to solve this was to use a boot disc and try to change the administrative password. I spent a few hours on this too. He was then saying he should treat me to like dinner or something one day for all this.

It got me thinking though. If you have friends and family members help you out with a product or service where you know you would have paid a lot of money with others do you assume you would get it for free where you then the offer them some kind of compensation like a gift? Or do you approach where you would offer what you would have paid anyone else and leave it up to them to decide if they want to take it or not?

I often hear from business owners that they don’t want to deal with people who are close with them as it’s like one gets haggled to the point where they lose a lot of time and money as a result. I know for me anyways, if I am specifically requesting for a product or service from someone I know by default I usually expect to pay the same market rate where I allow them to decide if they want to discount the fee or not. It just feels like the best way to approach things like this I feel.

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