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How Do You Determine What Is An Honest Price For A Business

h mart tas cocunt honest price

So I was around a new area today and there were a lot of supermarkets for me to look around. One thing that caught my attention was this signage. While promotional sale signs are nothing out of the ordinary the signs in particular had key phrases saying that the prices were “honest prices”. As you can see they were selling these coconut water for $1.99. The funny thing was I saw this exact same brand not too long ago as I used it for my one dollar budget site. As you can see from this picture the regular price was 99 cents. I’ve seen in many places for this price as well. Although a lot of stores tend to sell this for about $1.20 or so. So that begs the question what exactly is it and honest price.

tas coconut water kings market

I understand a business has to make a profit for example. So in a sense it’s not like I’m expecting them to sell everything at a cost. But like in this example it seems like their regular price is extremely higher than everyone else’s is regular price. So in this example can a higher than average price be classified as an honest price?

For me it is a little bit more black and white here because this product is ready prepackaged. It’s not like we’re dealing with fresh fruits and vegetables here as an example. Or would you consider honest pricing having more to do with the quality of the product? Again to me it’s odder in this case because the item is prepackaged. Just for the record though the store did have some good prices as you can see what these onions.

hmart 5 onion for one dollar

It makes you think that businesses should be more careful about how they word their pricing signage. Like saying if you say you have the lowest prices then I would expect you to have the lowest prices.

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