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Continuing To Offer Incentives To Loyal Customers

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Today is Easter Sunday and like most people I spent the day with family. There was another tradition that I participated in which involved the web host that I have been using for over a decade. Every year they have this Easter egg hunt of sorts where customers can participate in a digital egg hunt. If you happen to find it then you can get up to $600 in hosting credit for free.


futurequest easter egg $100 credit

This year I happened to find the one hundred dollar one which isn’t too shabby. It made me think where regardless of this I have been a pretty loyal customer with them for years due to the quality and service. In my mind, the fact that they are even offering something like this kind of makes that client relationship even better. I think this is important as often times for a business you would think that once you get someone as a client then you don’t really need to try anymore. That just isn’t wise I think.

Having events like these puts that human touch factor into the relationship where you as the customer feel like you are treated more than just a number. Hence, you are more inclined to be engaged with the company’s happenings as well and understanding their growth needs. I don’t think it’s just me too, but when you feel that the company is genuinely trying their best to make sure everything is good for you while doing more then you are inclined to try and do more to help them too. It is a people business as they say. If any of you are looking for an awesome web host too check them out at

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