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Considering Jobs That Ruin Your Sleeping Cycle

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A person was telling me today that they were offered an opportunity to be a part of a specific project where in many cases people would jump at it right away. However, the person mentioned that they declined with the reason being that schedule wise it was requested that they may have to stay up until the extreme early morning. Essentially it is turning people into a night owl when they are used to a regular sleeping schedule.

The person emphasized how opportunities like these simply aren’t worth it to ruin their whole lifestyle habits unless the compensation was so good that it makes up for it. That’s interesting to think about as we often neglect things like our health in exchange for money. It’s not until way later where we may start to see the impacts of those decisions as well.

In many ways it’s like the scenario a person was thinking about where they considered working at this construction job where they knew it would probably ruin say their back pretty quickly. However, the amount of money they would make kind of acts as if they were working for years. But would that be worth it to have the results stop you now from doing other things you may enjoy?

Obviously things like a sleeping schedule can be relatively easy to fix. But it’s interesting as weighing the pros and cons of something as straight forward as that isn’t usually on people’s mind when it comes to long-term thinking with health and money.

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