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Clearance Sales Before The End of An Occasion

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This was interesting. Today is Halloween and while walking into a store apparently they were already trying to get rid of all of its Halloween candy. Packs that normally cost say $7 would be selling for about $3. I was just thinking too that a person could have saved a lot of money by buying the candy last minute as opposed to buying it ahead of time to be prepared.

I suppose in this situation it happened as we are dealing with consumable items. Similar to stores that sell cranberries at a hugely discounted price right on the actual day of Thanksgiving. This probably helps people more who live in neighborhoods that have large chain stores as oppose to individuals that need to travel far to like a mall to make purchases. Sentimental oriented events like Valentine’s day would probably be the opposite though as being a last minute shopper will probably cost you more.

Those specialized cards and candies for days like that just seem so overpriced where some companies bank on desperate last minute shoppers that will pay anything to make their significant other happy.

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