Changing Social Circles To Save Money or Not
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Changing Social Circles To Save Money or Not

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When you have fun usually that translates to spending money. Or if people want to do something that doesn’t cost money people automatically assume it must be boring and so that option isn’t on the table. The other day I noticed a person who is normally very good at saving money all of a sudden not have much to spend. It appeared the reason for this was because the new people he was hanging around with always insisted in dining out whenever they hung out. As you can imagine this can really add up even if it is say five dollars a day.

He didn’t want to be “that one guy” where he would always pass on that and simply wait until others are done. So he went along with it. He clearly didn’t really want to spend that much either and was even contemplating about not hanging around these people too often. Maybe for special occasions but not for a general get together. This isn’t that straight forward I feel as everyone wants to be social I guess you could say. But would you say be willing to spend more than you want to in an effort to go to gatherings with specific people?

I suppose another way of saying it is if you know that having a specific social circle in your life is constantly costing you a ton of money in ways that you don’t really want to spend money would you immediately leave per se? As harsh as it sounds that may be a wise option honestly if you are truly tight on a budget.

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