Changing or Adjusting A Business Due To Theft

Changing or Adjusting A Business Due To Theft

I was reading all these posts today from the Philadelphia police department where they were looking for shoplifting suspects and with multiple incidents there always seemed to be a group of people robbing the stores. It feels like they feel there are no repercussions to their actions and so they may as well steal. I was thinking if that is the case it must be a bit crazy to run any kind of retail operation as stolen merchandise is extremely damaging financially of course.

In these cases assuming you already have a store where the problem has been recently getting out of control, would you actually try and adjust your business with more security measures to help counter this or would you actually completely revamp your business model such as selling online or making it pick up only? I have seen some videos of stores where they liberally started to lock everything up as if it’s an electronic store locking up expensive gear. These are items like toothpaste too which we would all assume is cheap. But again, these things add up for businesses.

It probably makes it uninviting for guests to the point where it may actually be more sensible to go digital as an example. Then again, a lot of places simply closed shop. I know some places actually started to defend themselves by literally attacking the criminals like what you would see in movies or cartoons. But even that isn’t viable for many due to the danger plus it can actually be against the law. So what would you do?

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