Celebrity Apprentice 2 – Episode 7
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Celebrity Apprentice 2 – Episode 7

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The challenge for this episode was that the teams had to create a retail store display and product packaging to help promote the company Lifelock and its identity theft protection services. The winner would be determined by the executives of Lifelock based on brand messaging, originality and overall design. For KOTU the project manager was Natalie Gulbis and for Athena is was Brian McKnight.

The executives made an interesting point of the task on how the company is service based. So the challenge is in creating a packaging meant for retail stores in a form of a take home kit take home kit out of something that is non tangible. I suppose you can say it is very similar to a telephone company creating those mini retail boxes where all you see inside are forms and various goodies to entice you to sign up.

KOTU’s direction was to use their celebrity power by plastering their faces as an endorsement for the products on the retail display that was shaped like a large safe type of door. Athena went for the more standard and generic approach where the display had this large lock to symbolize the security aspect while relying more on giving a very good presentation to win the task.

One point of note was that KOTU’s display was not designed to actually hold the packaging on the display for people to buy whereas Athens’s did. In the end though, the executives felt that KOTU’s idea was more original and they won. In the boardroom it was Brian McKnight, Melissa Rivers and Brande Roderick.

There wasn’t actually too much of a fight but there was some interesting behind the scene action. Since Melissa River was chosen to go in Joan Rivers went ballistic in a defensive way and even smashed her drinking glass on the ground and threatened to leave the show if Melissa was fired. She also flipped out because apparently Annie Duke was talking to her beforehand on how she wanted Brande Roderick to go and that didn’t seem to be the case here in her mind.

The conclusion though was that Trump said how after Brian McKnight took last week off it seemed like the passion wasn’t there to do the show and he even implied that he in many ways has had enough. On top of that with losing when he was the project manager, it was a pretty quick decision as Brian McKnight was fired.

There was a strange twist to this episode as everyone was called to the boardroom to immediately start another task. Donald Trump stated that the next task was to hold a fashion show and jewelry auction at the fashion institute of technology to raise money. Donald Trump then says that the teams will be choosing the jewelry Ivanka Trump’s line of design jewelry. Seemed like a self promotion attempt if I do say so myself. The project manager for KOTU was Joan Rivers and for Athena was Annie Duke.

The segment then started to turn into the Rivers family VS Annie Duke type of setup. Essentially, Melissa and Joan rivers giving comment how Annie Duke is a two face type of person. Mainly because apparently Annie Duke didn’t like Brande Roderick too much and now all of a sudden they seem like best friends.

Unfortunately, there was no conclusion to this task as we need to wait next week. There were two interesting parts though. One was there was a concern that since Annie Duke knew so many poker players that she could get a lot of generous donations from other wealthy poker players. Natalie Gulbis then had this idea to try and find Poker players that have a rivalry with Annie Duke to hopefully get them to come out to the auction and bid for KOTU’s items. That was pretty clever I thought and is the type of stuff I would like to see more in what is suppose to be a business oriented show.

Then at the very last moments of the show Donald Trump was talking to this individual about keeping an eye on the teams and at first they didn’t show his face. Eventually, you found out that it was last year’s celebrity apprentice winner Piers Morgan. So, apparently he will be back next week to observe the teams in some way.

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