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Caving In Too Much In A Sale

This was kind of a funny story. Essentially, there was a couple that bought a house from another and all of the contract was signed. As well, the deposit for the sale went through as well. Down the road the couple all of a sudden requested for more things such as the price to be reduced by $5000 and that the patio of the house to be painted. Otherwise they would not buy the house. Keep in mind this is after the contract has already been signed. So of course they would lose the deposit money. Although, this was solved as the realtor decided to deduct this out of his commission.

The couple then wanted more and asked the house owners to give them a mattress. Of course, that idea was thrown out the window as it seemed a little ridiculous. It was such a surprising story at how much people expect to get in a house sale. Especially after the fact that everything has already been agreed upon. This just showed me how when you cave in too much at times like these people just expect the moon from you after.

In many cases it is just better to stick firmly upon an agreement otherwise the other side will end up profiting over your generosity. It’s one of those times too where they have no reason to stop if you continue to allow them to take from you.

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