Breaking Rules And The Law For More Gain Than Punishment

Breaking Rules And The Law For More Gain Than Punishment

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With all these stories about the US election recently there have been a ton of stories that revolve around the notion that when it comes to making money people will break laws to get what they want as it’s easier to say ask for forgiveness afterwards. With that logic the person is still coming out ahead. So what kind of surprised me recently around this same kind of topic was the usage of drones where as you know I recently got one. I have been trying to research places where I could legally fly it and all too.

I was then hearing this one person who wanted to fly it wherever he wanted regardless of the rules and regulations here. His reasoning was basically along the lines of he spent thousands of dollars for this drone and if you aren’t allowed to fly it then retail stores shouldn’t be selling them to you. So with that in mind it sounds like he is going to fly it wherever he pleases. If you are wondering why he is so committed to doing that it seems like he wants to get spectacular footage to in a sense gain money out of it.

I was trying to think of the most common scenarios that could play out here which often happens. In many ways it remind me of like a modern day online “prankster” doing something very inappropriate where even if they go to jail they still come out ahead. Like in this case I would assume let’s say he got some great footage of an airplane flying very close. Even though to my knowledge that is illegal here he then publishes it somehow and gets his money from it. Then afterwards let’s say he gets a complaint. In most people’s mind he would probably get a fine or a slap on the wrist. But the penalty is still far less than the reward he reaped. So that is why I would imagine most people would just go through with it.

People often say in like business you have to take risks to really reap the rewards. Isn’t this kind of crossing the line though? Or is this the other mentality where things like these are the unwritten rules where like say a person says one thing and does another as the end goal is to just win and get ahead? Topics like these always fascinate me as it’s not exactly the type of stuff one would normally talk about but it happens all the time whenever money is involved. To me personally though a situation like this is kind of dangerous as you put others at risk.

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