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Boxing Day Canada Was a Dud

For the first time I think Boxing Day literally had no sales left due to the bigger focus on days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For myself I usually trying to find high tech computer and electronic items at a good price on this day. However, it seemed like all the deals on the other sales events were better to the point that retailers had sales budget left. I guess that shows that the days of waiting for Boxing Day to get the best deal for an item you are looking for is too true anymore.

I didn’t go completely empty handed though. I read that various supermarkets were having huge discounts on vitamins and so I bought some for family members. That’s actually one that that consistently goes on sale too I noticed during this day which is probably a good time to stock up if you are regular consumer for it. So, it was like another day of giving Christmas presents for me which was fun to do.

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