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Being Entertained With The Silly And Cheap Things

Over the past few days I had to look after my nephew for a bit and like most kids he seems to be hyper active while laughing at things that most adults would probably consider as immature. Some other family members actually spent money on things like board games for him as it was assumed he would have fun with it as a way to pass the time. He ended up not playing it though. He spent most of his time with me and there was one thing he kept doing over and over again.

He basically went into the free Google translate service and he began to type in nonsensical phrases. Afterwards, as you all may know you can click on an icon where a computer generated voice then says out the words you wrote. In terms of the ridiculous stuff he was writing, just think of sentences with words like “poop” in it. Again, very typical for kids.

This reminds me of the jokes I hear such as adults buying a child this large present only for the child to end up having a blast with the large cardboard box it came with. The next time you think you need to spend a ton of money on entertainment for people you may be surprised at just what is available for free out there that caters to people’s taste.

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