Another Pair of Shoes Worn As Much As Possible
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Another Pair of Shoes Worn As Much As Possible

In continuing to try and get the most out of everything I purchase I guess it was time to buy another pair of shoes. It became evident when it felt like water was starting to get in for what is supposed to be waterproof shoes. I guess as you can see all that walking as definitely worn out these pairs. Just for perspective too this was the new pair I bought and what it should look like normally.

I am actually surprised they lasted that long considering how much I usually walk. Then again, other people’s definition of worn out may be way before even this amount. For myself these kinds of things are more about serving a functional purpose as opposed to a fashion symbol of sort. So tend to wear them for as long as you realistically can.

There is a point where if they hurt your foot for example then it’s better to just invest in new ones as you don’t want to have to pay for it in other ways such as a medical bill. Either way, let’s see how long this lasts.

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