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The Amount of Money You Spend To Impress As A Necessity

There was a topic that got me thinking not too long ago as a person was saying how he was thinking of getting a vehicle as he felt it would be a lot more convenient. A pretty normal answer for the most part. The drawback is money of course as a lot of people don’t think about the other expenses involved in owning a vehicle such as the insurance or even fuel expenses. After a while though another point came up on how a big reason for the vehicle was to impress girls as no girl would want to go out with you if you don’t have like a vehicle. I guess the real reason just popped out huh?

That then brought up conversations such as if that was legitimately true where it’s like a standard on how if your hope is to find a significant other to start a family then the basis to attracting a mate is to own a vehicle. Hence, things like a car expense would turn into a necessity. I personally think it is a little ludicrous of course, but this notion often does hold true for a lot of professions. For example, for many types of businesses if you don’t dress up in like a fancy suit then there is a high chance one will want to do business with you as we are essentially groomed to associate certain looks and belongings as a sign of success and authority. I don’t think on average people would be as confident in working with a real estate agent that swoops by on their skateboard for example even if it works fine for them transportation wise.

For myself I don’t usually make a budget for these types of purchases. For myself I would say clothing is the only real items I have that fit into this category. In some ways I have always felt that if I needed to make extreme purchases to impress people then I shouldn’t be focused so much in creating a budget for it but rather focusing in finding ways to get out of that situation period. Example, instead of owning some kind of money draining property to attract potential clients as a sign of success to do business with I would rather focus in showing off like the results I have been able to achieve for people to get the same results.

I don’t think it is a surprise that most of our money drainers is simply buying stuff that we don’t really need. A house can actually be a good example too as so many people feel that it is a necessity in adult life to show success even if they realistically don’t need all that space. Believe it or not, I have actually heard people say things such as they need the house otherwise their parents would think they are like a failure. That is a little extreme, but it shows you how much we can spend to impress where what we see as a necessity may not even be true at all in the bigger picture. Something to think about if you always find yourself tight on money.

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