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Afraid of Retribution For Giving Undesired Gifts

This was kind of hilarious as I was talking to a person on what he was going to hand out for Halloween. He mentioned it would be these candy items that are fairly expensive. Because he was being generous I was joking how he should give out fruit to the kids. He then responded by saying no way as he didn’t want his house to get like egged after by giving things that the kids don’t want.

That’s kind of funny I thought as the whole notion here is that you are giving stuff for free out of your own generosity. But because of like the possible repercussions of not handing out things that people would actually value for free you tend to spend more money now to prevent having to spend more later in cleaning up the aftermath of the rebellion of sorts.

Of course it only makes sense to like give out candy and stuff here that kids actually want for the day in the spirit of the event. It makes me think how this can be true though even for gift giving in other occasions. Almost like saying if you intend to be generous in life you need to properly budget for it too. Lucky for me there are a ton of deals for things like candy all the time.

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