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A Small Earthquake Here Creates So Much Emotional Purchases

In the late evening last night here in the Vancouver area I thought it was a little odd as it felt like the floor had this weird vibration for a few seconds. I didn’t think too much about it as I thought it was almost no different than a loud speaker system pulsating through the ground. Then all of a sudden, for like three seconds or so the whole building felt like it lifted off the ground. I never really felt an actual earthquake before here so I was even debating in my mind if it was one. Sure enough, everyone on social media was reacting to it which confirmed it.

It was pretty minor overall I’d say. At the same time, it’s kind of amazing to see how many people are running out and buying things like earthquake kits now. I saw this one product that was being shared around and it is like over $600. For an emotional purchase you probably wouldn’t think too much to evaluate if things like these are actually cost effective right? At times like these if you were completely unprepared then it’s like you just have to do something.

The only thing I was really taught personally is to get underneath something while having basic stuff like a flashlight. I was even reading how some people suggested things like a radio too. For myself, I usually try to have all these kinds of features into the stuff I use all the time. Example, the flashlight on my smartphone is pretty darn bright and I would imagine I would most likely have that in hand already.

Like everything I suppose despite if it is for natural disasters, doing your shopping for the things you need ahead of time will sure save you a lot of money.

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