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Spending Less Money With The Boring Solutions During A Health Scare

I was reading some news today where apparently there has been an outbreak of Cyclospora here where the assumption is it is coming from various fresh produce. Therefore there is a warning about it. I was then reading about all these solutions people could buy such as using some kind of fancy soap product to wash your fruits and vegetables with. They could get rather expensive too. Funny enough that then reminded me on how people say if you want to wash our fruits and vegetables you should simply use a mixture of water and vinegar.

It made me think how whenever we read about these kinds of health scare stories there is always some company that wants to sell you an expensive solution. For the most part many people do go with that route because who would put a price tag on your health right? Using this vinegar example though should kind of make you think that sometimes the most “boring” solutions can be the most effective and financially reasonable ones to go with.

Many times if you strip away the marketing and buzz from a product the solution itself is actually pretty bare bones like this as well I find.

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