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Zellers Closing Its Doors

I was reading today that the large retail chain Zellers is going to close its doors and it appears that mostly Target and Walmart stores will be taking over the lease spots. I read an interesting note that all of the existing employees of Zellers will simply be fired and if they want to work for the new business then they would have to apply like everyone else. This is apparently creating a lot of uproar.

I wouldn’t doubt if one of the reasons they are doing that is for wage reasons in having to keep people who have worked for the previous business. Another thing this made me think of is how Walmart appears to be having a tough time getting approved to set up their stores at places and this kind of opens the doors for them. It’s going to be interesting to see if they will truly gobble up all the other businesses fast like how I have seen in so many documentaries in the US.

I was surprised to see that some Zeller employees actually make sites like these to try and ensure they will get employment at similar wages once the new stores kick in as I assumed most would simply decide to find employment elsewhere with a completely different organization as things like the above usually leaves a bad taste in ones mouth. I wonder though where in this day and age using something more viral would be more effective though as I would think sending letters to CEO’s will mostly likely go unread.

Of course, I guess in the end it is doing something that will affect a corporation’s bottom line which is how you get its attention.

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