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Youth Perspective of Spending Money

Yesterday I was told about my two younger cousins when it came to money and it was kind of funny as the two of them were brothers and yet when it came to money they both were polar opposites. One of them seems to be more about having the latest and greatest as he was one of the people that shelled out a lot of money for an iPhone. Sure enough too, he seems to be the one that has less saved.

When it came to the other person, he didn’t appear to spend any money at all but instead has all his money stashed up in the house. He was then asked why he didn’t spend it. The answer was true which made it funny I thought for a teenager as when it came to spending he mentioned that he doesn’t need to spend any money as everything he needs is at the house and is paid for already. The adult who asked the question didn’t know how to respond afterwards.

I was thinking how that is so true and even adults need to re-learn that from time to time as we tend to get caught up in spending money simply because we have the funds available.

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