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Your Worth And Quality Based On Immediate Demand Mindset

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Today I saw two people get in a rather heated debate which revolved around the topic of unemployment due to the recent Coranavirus outbreak where tons of people are being sent home without pay. Not surprisingly this means there are many people in specific professions that are now trying to find other means to make it through the day and asking for support.

This resulted in some people feeling that certain professions don’t deserve any kind of support or assistance because in their mind they are non-essential. For example, anything to do with events and entertainment. As well, since they are non-essential type of services than one being unemployed, even with this situation with items like a lockdown, means one simply isn’t good enough at what they do to warrant people giving them any money.

That is such an over the top crazy view in my opinion. Because with that mentality that should technically mean one has no sympathy or supports financial aid for people who work in restaurants because it is technically a non-essential. You could even go further and say anyone in the education field for specific topics shouldn’t be supported as well where one could argue their knowledge isn’t worth anything during these times.

I usually find everything plays a role in innovation and progression in some way. For example, I wouldn’t doubt if a brilliant scientist or engineer created something as a result of something the saw in a movie as an example. Whether or not you are in demand could also simply be a matter of timing and being seen by the right people. To me it’s extremely closed minded to have the mentality like that gentlemen.

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