Your Traveling Expense VS The Business Fee
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Your Traveling Expense VS The Business Fee

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So it’s summer time and this year I am seriously considering the farm idea where I wanted to visit a farm to see how much money I could save if I bought items directly from one as opposed to shopping at a store. Not only that, I figured the products would be better too.

Looking at the locations, it appeared that all of the farms were located in more rural areas that would be quite a way off from the area I live in. That was making me think and trying to do some research on the prices that farmers would charge for the item vs a store. At the same time, just how much volume do you have to buy to make it worth it?

I have been trying to find some kind of price list online but have not had any luck thus far. But At this point I think it does come down to the travel expense. Example, if an item was only $1 dollar cheaper buying it direct yet it costs you $1.25 to get there and back then it is not worth it.

So many times it can be cheaper to just buy it from the store since companies buy them in large wholesale quantities have the shipping all sorted out. I always wondered why more farmer’s don’t just put a pricelist online somewhere as I’m sure if there was more awareness of the alternatives in buying the products directly from them it could be better for everyone.

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