Your Own Story And Journey
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Your Own Story And Journey

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Today there was a friend who was so shocked at the notion that so many people create an income out of the simple fact that all they are doing is sharing their personal life stories in hopes that it will help inspire others. Examples were people becoming authors or experts in certain areas by doing nothing more than sharing their thoughts. For some reason this made him upset at how simple it seems compared to say one needing a boardroom full of people to make the best strategic strategy in an effort to win a market or audience.

It really can be that simple as people often say you need to be unique and what better way to do it then to share your unique experiences. Doesn’t everyone like to learn how say an everyday average person goes on to do something extremely successful or how they got back from a major setback? As well, the different approaches and techniques that other use to solve problems in a similar of interest? It almost reminds me of like how a person was saying he doesn’t understand why people are so interested in say watching people play a video game or a sport as it must be more fun to participate in it yourself.

Like those examples too I’d say you shouldn’t pre-judge what people will be interested in nor should you underestimate how valuable your own life experiences can be in terms of the opportunities it can create.

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