Your Own Intuition As Opposed To Public Opinion

Your Own Intuition As Opposed To Public Opinion

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I was watching a lot of mini documentaries today about how various companies got started and the challenges they faced. Funny enough, each company entered the industry during recession like times. To test its product offerings they conducted focus group tests to see how well their products would do in the market. Apparently people were giving it very low praises to the point where most people would probably think twice about committing to. However, in these cases they decided to pursue the venture anyways and ended up being very successful as their products revived the market and created demand.

It’s so much harder actually doing it yourself versus telling others to simply trust their gut, so to speak, as it’s natural to avoid something if it seems like you are getting a lot of negative feedback about something. I was trying to think what is the best way to differentiate skepticism versus quality in what you are offering? For example, if this was like you singing a song how do you differentiate people saying it sounds bad because you can’t sing versus making music that is new that people aren’t familiar with and therefore naturally have a negative view of?

I know in these situations asking friend and family members is usually bad too as they will usually tell you that something is good purely because it is the supportive thing to do. I’m almost inclined to say that the only middle of the road way of doing it is if you truly believe in it you simply have to try it anyways and see how it goes. Just be prepared with a realistic mindset that if it doesn’t produce results after X amount of time where it is eating up your funds and energy non stop then you have to be reasonable to simply pull the plug on it.

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