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Your Money Can’t Think For You

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This might be old for a lot of people, but was new to me. A person just passed me a video that I thought was such an embarrassing yet true example on how some people with a lot of money simply think that is the answer to everything and so they neglect to try and educate themselves about various things.

The video was a news report that aired in the US which revolved around people lining up for the iPhone as a lot of people stayed up very late to be near the front of the line. There was a lady who apparently wanted to buy a bunch of iPhones and Ebay them to make a profit and she brought with her well over 5 figures worth of cash it seems. Basically, she intended to pay the person for the first spot in line and then buy virtually every phone from the store. Anyways, for those who haven’t seen it you can watch the video first below and see what happened:

In some ways this reminds me on how people tend to lose the value of money by having too much of it as well. I guess this kind of shows that money is no replacement when it comes to knowledge and making sound decisions as your money can definitely work for you, but it can’t think for you.

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  • pwned!

    joewatch 7/5/2007 7:07 am
  • I’m happy for Mark! It made his wait even more worthwhile.

    The woman seems to have an attitude problem that is common in our society today. As one who treasures relationships more than money, I can tell you that money can’t buy happiness, no matter how much you have.

    Several years ago, I had a lot of it. I decided to treat my wife’s mother to perhaps her last outing in Atlantic City, knowing that she was getting along in years and may not ever get another chance. Other members of her family wished to join us, so I decided to pay the whole bill. They were all very appreciative….. at first.

    The long and the short of it was that it was one of the most miserable times of our lives and one of the most expensive.

    No matter how much you spend or how much you give, there is always going to be some folks who think that you shouldn’t have it or want more of it from you.

    This is true whether you really have it or not. The PERCEPTION that you have it brings this attitude out in people. If you really do have it, you must constantly guard against developing an attitude, yourself. Just look a Paris Hilton.

    James Simmons, President & CEO PCUG

    James Simmons 7/5/2007 12:48 pm

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