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Your Competitor Could Have Unfair Advantages

With all this talk about social media and harmful information recently one topic that seems to come up is how some types of people and organizations appear to always show up everywhere whereas others seem to be suppressed. Every company has different rules of course but what this made me think is how many times people compare themselves to others when it comes to their offerings and still can’t see why the other person is getting so much more push.

I think it’s important to consider that many times a lot of people who are established have backings of say companies and individuals who know the right people. Therefore, they have an advantage that isn’t about skill or the quality of work that they produce. It’s important to recognize that at times where you could literally be offering the best in the market where if that is the case then the focus shouldn’t be so much about rebuilding what you have versus finding ways to get within that network per se.

It’s that old saying if how at times it’s not what you know but who you know. Even from my personal experience many of the opportunities I have gotten came from knowing the right people. I think the most straight forward example is with talent shows that have undiscovered talent. If skill and results was the only factor then there would be no need for those shows.

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