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Your Career Skyrocketing With Persistence

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Today there is a huge wrestling event called Wrestlemania where most people would dub it as the Super Bowl of Pro wrestling. I always find it fascinating to read about the stories and hardships that those wrestlers face in an effort to get known while making a living at what they love. For this year there was a pinnacle moment as the woman’s division would be the main event which would be a first for the company. As well it was interesting to see how one lady with the character name Becky Lynch got a sudden surge of popularity to the point where she is now a household name. It just took one little turn of events to change the course of her career.

As usual too you would hear people then talk about how they worked and struggled for years to get to that point. It just shows you how many times persistence is the key where even if you aren’t getting everything that you may expect now you have to keep working and be ready for when the opportunities do come. Even I have a funny example where all I did was start writing my thoughts and then all of a sudden I got contacted by places such as news sources for Live TV sessions. I didn’t expect any of that but just kept doing what I was doing.

I heard a quote where it was something along the lines of it’s not a success story until it happens. For that to happen means you have to keep the story going until it reaches that point. That’s doesn’t mean you should keep walking a path with bad decisions that end up hurting you I a delusional way that things will magically happen. But if you are putting in the work and things are progressing just keep at it.

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