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Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum

Okay, I had to read and look at this a few times as this just seemed a little too far fetched to believe. I guess everyone has heard the term of people trying to sell you Snake Oil correct? Well, I was reading how Groupon had this product listed called a Wrinkle Killer Snake Serum and apparently they got into a little bit of trouble in certain areas where the products made claims that were unproven.

There was a list of the complaints I saw at .

I always read that Groupon has not been doing so well and it will be interesting if this story actually harms them more and how they will recover from it. I actually did try to read more about the product in general and apparently there are phrases such as “Utilizing a formula replicating the venom of the Temple Viper“ to describe the ingredients. I know anti-aging is a huge industry, but with descriptions like that it makes me even wonder if it is even real. I guess as they say in business, many times people don`t buy products but rather they buy the stories that you tell them.

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